Australian Made Vine Trainers

One of the products MSI makes for vineyards is our vine training stakes. These, help support the young vines as they develop into mature healthy and productive grape growing plants.

Made from spring steel, which means they won’t break in high winds, they maintain their shape and are re- useable season after season.

Why these vine training stakes

  • Reduces the time of installation compared to the traditional methods, potentially saving you up to 2/3rd of your time
  • Much easier on your back, which is very important by the end of the day
  • Available in two standard heights
  • Custom made lengths can also be made, optimised to suit your vineyard

Many vineyard managers also use our vine stakes to help secure their vine guards.

To date, we have sold over 2 million vine training stakes which means... a lot of happy customers.

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About Multi Slide Industries

We are a wire forming and engineering company servicing South Australia and Australia for over 30 years

Our machines are capable of forming a wide range of wire and strip materials, while consistently producing a quality product. So, whether you need a short run or hundreds of thousands of parts - we’ll do it for you.

As well as a range of 2D and 3D, CNC and mechanical wire and strip forming equipment, some of our other factory machinery includes, robotic welders, wire straightening and cutting machines, spot and other special purpose welding.

Our wide range of experience and specialist in-house technology allows us to manage low, medium and high volume projects.

MSI manufacture for the industries below... and more:
  • Horticulture
  • Agriculture
  • Food Industry
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  • Designer & General Furniture
  • Fabrication
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Other MSI products


Our standard MSI Vine Stakes are designed to take the rigors of windy conditions and perform much better than traditional string methods.

However, MSI have also developed an “extreme” version of the vine training stake for extremely windy locations. Some customers want to use the vine training stake to support a vine guard in windy conditions, so the “Extreme” vine stake comes with an extra self-locking loop to positively lock it onto the trellis wire.

For more information about the Extreme vine stakes please contact us on (08) 83741422 or email us at


Already manufacturing a large range of fan guards for customers.

MSI can also custom make something that is designed to your specifications.

“S” Hooks

Everybody uses “S” hooks - whether they are for the workshop or outside.

You can hang, support and display things like tools, hoses, plants, bikes, garden equipment, etc., nearly anything you want out of the way.

Square “S” Hooks

Where an “S” hook doesn’t quite fit right, MSI makes one with a square hook at one end.

Tree Guards

Want to protect some trees? Then these are just what you need.

Built tough they are ready to take on almost anything and they look good as well.


If you have a product you want manufacturing, send us a drawing or sketch with a brief description of its application and we’ll provide you a quotation.

With our CNC wire benders, we can probably make you some sample parts within a few days for you to test out. Yes, it can be that quick!

Contact us on (08) 8374 1422 or email us at - we look forward to hearing from you.