MSI now operates what is Australia’s largest range of CNC and mechanical wire and strip forming equipment, most of which is specially imported from Europe. Mechanical wire and strip forming is completed on German Bihler machines whilst CNC work is completed on English PAVE machines and French LaTour machines.

Complimenting the manufacturing operations are robot welders (mig and spot), wire straighten and cut machines and pedestal welders, and 2D and 3D CNC mesh and special purpose welding equipment and a nylon coating line.

This diverse range of equipment allows MSI to quickly produce any customer requirement, whether they number a few or a few thousand or a few million.

General purpose mesh can be manufactured on our mesh welder.

We operate a nylon coating line, that can apply a very resilient plastic coating to product ( many products are coated in a general plastic or even powder coated, which will not withstand weather conditions as will nylon).

We can also strip and repair and recoat dishwasher baskets or general plastic costed baskets.