About Us

Multi Slide Industries is one of Australia's leading wire forming companies.

MSI is a leading supporter of the Australian manufacturing supply chain serving many sectors for over thirty years. Remaining privately owned and operated, we intend to assist the manufacturing community for many years to come. 

MSI operates what is Australia's largest range of CNC wire forming and mechanical wire and strip forming equipment utilising bending technology to provide customers with better solutions. Complementing the manufacturing operations are robot welders (mig and spot), wire straighten and cut machines, pedestal welders, 2D and 3D CNC mesh welders and special purpose welding equipment .

We manufacture products for all major industry segments. The MSI product range includes seating components, assemblies, whitegoods components and assemblies, exhaust and suspension support brackets, roof tile clips, brick ties, olive growth training stakes, vine training supports, gutter brackets, air conditioning components, automotive clips and assemblies, consumables such as safety clips as well as spacer bars for the mining industry and point of sale display products through its Scanarak product brand.

We have highly experienced engineering and toolroom capabilities, complimenting our wire forming knowledge which has been developed and honed over 30+ years of operation.

Multi Slide Industries is committed to continuous improvement and lean manufacturing techniques. Our superior project management, inventory systems and production capabilities enable us to lead the market in delivery, cost, and lead-times. Next time you open your Electrolux dishwasher, you will know that the baskets inside were possibly manufactured, coated and assembled by MSI. If you drive a GM Holden product manufactured in Australia, it is likely the rear seat frames come from us. The gutter brackets holding up your gutters at home are probably made on our multi slide machines and if you drive an Australian built Toyota Camry, the boot is held up by two of our torsion bars! From automotive to whitegoods, to mining, agriculture, and retail, there are not many products that do not have some formed component manufactured from wire or strip. At MSI, we can help you manufacture them.

MSI today is a local South Australian success story operating in a niche manufacturing market at a time when many manufacturers are either no longer operating or going overseas.