Our Capabilities

Multi Slide Industries operates one of the largest range of wire forming machines across Australia.  Our machines are capable of dealing with a wide range of metal compositions, diameters and sizes producing a quality end product consistently.

We are the largest coiled wire purchaser from InfraBuild (formerly One Steel) giving MSI scale and the ability to pass this on to our customers. We are proud to support our local economy and manufacturing community. 

Tooling is designed and built in house by our engineering and tool room teams. Our specialists can help you to reduce your total lead-time and your component tooling costs, while ensuring the highest quality standards are maintained.

We have multiple machines across the entire range that cater to any wire and strip component needs that you may have no order is to great or too small. 


Our machine capability includes:

CNC Wire Forming Machines

Our CNC machines are the latest technology available today and is available across our two sites.  Their highly automated nature allows us to produce precision components efficiently with a high level of quality in small, medium and large quantities with a short set up time. 

These specialty European CNC wire forming machines can manipulate wire from 2.0mm to 12.7mm in diameter. Machine capability includes double and single ended benders, mechanical wire benders, wire end forming including welding and post operation forming and chamfering.  Given our expertise, MSI also has the capability to manufacture special purpose machinery specifically for a given product to suit client requirements.

By offering our customers the latest CNC machine technology our customers benefit from cost effective wire products with minimum tooling and short lead times.



Straight and Cut Wire Machines

Our range of straight and cut wire machines are programmed to handle simple and complex tasks.   We house a range of premium machines to handle a variety of diameters and various materials.

Our straight cut and wire machines can work with wire from 1.5mm to 10mm in diameter, in any number of grades including HDLC, stainless steel , spring, galvanized steel, high tensile and soft wire, mild steel wire and more specialised and imported grades of material. This important part of our business can provide you with wire in straight lengths up to 6 metres.



Mechanical Wire and Strip Forming Machines

The capabilities of our mechanical wire and strip forming machines ensure that your wire, strip or tube components are delivered to exact standards.  From simple to complex shapes, these machines are capable of high output with consistent quality. 

Multi Slide Industries operate the southern hemisphere's largest range of Bihler mechanical wire and strip forming machines.

Clips, clamps, pressings, brackets, plates or wire products - no matter what your requirements, it can be produced very economically and with much lower tooling costs when compared to a conventional progressive tool.



Multi Slide Machines

Our specialist Multi Slide Machines have unlimited range and capabilities.  With a variety of tooling capabilities, small and all sized jobs can be completed with a low cost and a quick turnaround time. Our large fleet of Multi Slide machines can simultaneously feed and process, providing an optimum solution especially for simple high volume components. 

The Multi Slide machines can process strip widths up to 65mm wide.



Mesh Welders and other Welding Equipment

Our mesh welding specialist equipment produces high quality mesh for welding a range of diameters and sizes.  Our precision machines have a high cross wire output for large projects, while still being cost effective for smaller jobs. 

Mesh applications include reinforcing mesh, fan guards, antennas, air conditioning pad supports, racks for automotive, white goods, tree guards, retail work, and much more.

Multi Slide Industries can notch, fold and trim to create the mesh you require. We also manufacture stainless steel mesh panels. Welding of nuts, studs and plates is completed on a range of welding stations. Our range of welding options also includes Robot and manual mig welders, Robot and manual spot welders and projection welders.



Robotic Welders

Our robotic welding machines work to strict quality standards while also enabling a high output.  The precision delivered by our variety of welders is consistent as our large range of automotive manufacturers like Holden and Ford and Toyota can attest to. 

Multi Slide Industries has a range of mig and spot welding robots producing welded assemblies such as seat frames, hose reels, restraint anchors, dish washer baskets, storage baskets and other products.

Welding robots offer a higher consistency than manual mig and manual spot welding, while adding the efficiency of time saving without the burden of cost.



2D and 3D Wire Bending Machines

Our wire and tube forming 2D and 3D machines complement our extensive range of equipment and capabilities. 

The dual process of our machines allows for concurrent production a benefit to customers needing a fast turn around time or those needing larger quantities.